Amazing light product that I have ever bought. I have a high slanted ceiling and this projector can lights up the whole room and ceiling. My kids love it and want to see the colorful stars every night. Also it’s easy to control the light with the remote. Love it. Think about get anther one for my nephew. Everyone will love it.

Yunru Wu

Order this product to put in my garage. Roommates are Dj’s and it seemed like a good idea. It has a galaxy effect with lasers. You can have up to 2 colors going at once. It’s powered through usb so I plug it into my Xbox.

Courtney D. Hester

I really did not expect these small lights to be good but they are excellent. I have turned one on and put it into a glass jar on windowsill to test the battery life and up to now am on 56 hours. It's just getting a bit dull so I think it will reach about 60+ hours so not bad for the battery which comes with the light. I will put a longer life branded battery in when it finally fades. Can't fault them for brightness and look really nice as well. UPDATE. Lasted 58 hours on the installed cheap batteries

Tiffanie Y.

relax when work at home

decorative projector for party

Night Light for kids